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The Global Currency Plot

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Democratic socialism—the ideology that dominates the world today—aspires to become a world state. The route toward it requires a single world currency to be created. That would undoubtedly create a dystopia. Might this become a reality? And if so, how can it be averted? This book aims to find answers to these questions.

Part 1
1. Concerning Right Thinking: Logic
The arguments in this book claim to be strictly logical. For a better understanding, a few basics of logic—the doctrine of correct thinking—are presented. These show the possibility of making use of the incorruptible power of judgment.

2. What We Know for a Fact: Humans Act
The phrase “humans act” is logically undeniably true; it applies a priori. From it further true statements can be derived—so-called action categories—which help to think through the political-economic questions raised in this book with impartiality.

3. What is Indispensable for Human Action: Private Property
Private property is not an arbitrary variable, as many believe. It is a category of human action and cannot be denied without contradiction; unconditional respect for property also proves to be an ethically convincing norm of action.

4. Interpreting History: The Role of Theory
To understand history, one must necessarily resort to theories; without theory, there is no grasp of reality. The insights provided by a priori theory are an indispensable ingredient in the unbiased interpretation of historical events.

5. Driving Force of Civilization: Inequality
The prerequisite for peaceful and productive cooperation, and economic and cultural human progression, is humans’ inequality with regard to their abilities and goals. This is also a logical insight regarding action, and it explains the process of civilizing humanity.

6. The Perfection of Exchange: Money
The modern economy and society based on the division of labor are particularly fostered when people use money. Money developed spontaneously in the free market without the intervention of a state, and having a currency for the whole world would be economically optimal.

7. The Decivilizing Force: The State
The state is a territorial monopolist with ultimate decision-making power over all conflicts in its territory. It doesn’t solve interpersonal conflicts; rather, it is the cause of many and increasing numbers of social disputes.

8. The State and the Deterioration of Money: From Commodity to Fiat Money
Out of self-interest, the state obtains the monopoly over the production of money, and by force it replaces commodity money with its own fiat money. As a result, its power expands enormously, thereby becoming basically uncontrollably large.

9. Anatomy of Disruption: What Fiat Money Causes
State fiat money suffers from economic and ethical defects: it hampers economic progress and is socially unjust. Fiat money leads to a “transvaluation of all values.” It is not compatible with a liberal and prosperous economy and society.

10. A Destructive Ideology: Democratic Socialism
Democratic socialism has become the dominant ideology worldwide. It relativizes and undermines property in many ways, making the state increasingly powerful, thus destroying the conditions for free and prosperous social and economic life.

11. Impact Assessment: A Case for the A Priori Theory
The a priori theory can be used to reliably estimate the consequences of human actions: it can be used to derive conditional statements about the future that are valid under specific conditions, and it can also be used to trace action—logical path dependencies.

Part 2
12. The  Progression Theorem: Toward a World Government
States want to expand their power internally and externally. This applies above all to states that follow democratic socialism: they are working toward creating a worldwide uniform democratic socialism, a uniform world state with a uniform fiat world currency.

13. The Nation: Community of Language and Values
The nations—the language and value communities—are an impediment to democratic socialism’s aspiration of establishing a unified world state. Therefore, democratic socialists try to vanquish the nations, and especially the principle of nationality.

14. Migration: Natural and Unnatural
The proponents of democratic socialism use migration as a means to abolish nations and the nation-state and to pave the way for a worldwide democratic socialism under a unified leadership. But this will not be achieved by a politicized migration.

15. The Illusion of Democracy: The “Iron Law of Oligarchy”
As in every democracy, an oligarchic elite rule is also formed in democratic socialism. It has a particularly strong incentive to create a uniform fiat world currency in order to come closer to the goal of creating a uniform world government, a world state.

16. US Dollar Imperialism: The Bretton Woods System
The Bretton Woods system was the first attempt to establish a single politicized world currency. It was doomed to fail because the nations had sufficient room for maneuver to escape the abuse made possible by the Bretton Woods system.

17. The Campaign against Currency Choice: The Euro
In Europe, states have succeeded in abolishing the last remnants of monetary competition and introducing a single currency. This example shows how a political world currency can be created: with the irrevocable fixing of exchange rates between national currencies.

18. The Secret and Sinister Power: The World Central Bank Cartel
The national central banks form an international cartel in line with the democratic socialists’ ideas. Their monetary policy is making the global financial and economic system increasingly dependent on a globally unified monetary policy, the logical end of which is a unified world currency.

19. Blueprints for a Single World Currency:
Bancor, Unitas, US Dollar, INTOR, and the Libra
There are many specific proposals to create a single world currency—brought about by a political decision, not by free market forces, for the democratic socialists want a monopolized single fiat world currency.

20. The Dystopia: A Single Fiat World Currency
A single fiat world currency would threaten freedom and prosperity on this planet to an extent that many probably cannot even imagine: with a single fiat world currency, the path would be open to a totalitarian world state.

21. Technological Disruption: Cryptocurrencies
The emergence of cryptocurrencies could prove to be the crucial disruption and achieve what economic and ethical insight has not yet been able to achieve: the opening of a free market for money, and making it impossible to establish a world state.

22. A Ray of Hope: Free Market for Money and Private Law Society
A free market for money provides people with the best possible money. It would also effectively put an end to the freedom-destroying program of democratic socialism and make possible a private law society, in which the same law applies to all.

EPILOGUE: A Better World Is Possible
We have been walking the ominous path toward a world state with a fiat world currency for decades. It is not an inevitable result, but to prevent it, essential things have to change. These will include rejecting false doctrines in modern social and economic theory and firmly reestablishing the a priori theory.

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